Etna: The altomontana (high mountain) track

The tour starts at the Melia Gate, southern access to the Altomontana track. We pedal along a dirt path at an average height of 1600 m: a continuous and funny up and down.The path draws quite a loop around the volcano and makes us enjoy the diverse landscape offered by Etna: verdant shrubs, fragrant pine forests, desert lava fields, high mountain huts, caves, and beechwoods. We could even come across wild animals typical of Etna, such as foxes, hares or wild rabbits, as well as farmed beasts, like sheep, goats, cows, and pigs.

After about 36 km, we reach the northern edge of the track: got to the Caserma Pitarrone, we enter the pinewood of Ragabo and pedal until we get to the provincial road “Mareneve”, which we ride downhill. A few kilometers further, we get onto a steep slope on the right which leads us to the “Zappinazzu”, the biggest pine on Mt. Etna. We ride towards Mt. Crisimo and pass by the namesake hut; then, after passing the Cerrita wood, the Magazzeni church and Zafferana Etnea, we get to the end of our tour.